One thing you probably already know is that is for guys looking for relatively safe sluts. I've gone out on one-time dates with women who have been on for months and months. They've fucked guys here and there, told me they've learned a lot and had some fun, and now they are looking for a good guy.

Stop.  Rewind.  Let's back this bitch up.

Any woman who fucked around on is NOT fit for a relationship. It is player central.  It is for guys who use women for sex and then dump them. If you are into this, go for it. The girls love being used and dumped. If you want a halfway-decent woman, avoid the women completely.  

Again, be very careful and wear condoms if you date women from I've heard some horror stories recently, you don't want to be careless with these women. 


Anonymous said...

Horror stories? do tell!

I do remember hearing some horror stories about from the Tom Leykis show

THE MASTER said...

The girls are basically the girls who fucked and sucked every guy around in high school. Suddenly they find themselves single in their 30s and 40s and there aren't any high earning reliable guys left.

So, they start letting themselves be pumped and dumped by guy after guy after guy after guy.

Every guy does the same thing. They all say they want a long term relationship, but soon realize the girls are working on dick #456 and they want no part of the long-term. So, they hump and go. This goes on over and over for years.

I don't think any women are fit for marriage these days. They are too fixated on finding "the One" or living the Sex and The City lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

A lot of then want to live the "Sluts in the City" lifestyle, but are most hypocritical about it.

Anonymous said...

would you consider eharmony in the same light?

THE MASTER said...

eHarmony is very similar, but the women are expecting long-term romance instead of hook-up central.

I've had two very hot romances with eHarmony women. They want to fall in love, and are more often than not women who aren't trash. You spend a little more, but you have women who are a little less trashy, and a lot more willing to fall in love (meaning..ready to be romanced into having short term sex).

Another bonus, the absolute trash on are ho's who want to be pursued. On eHarmony, there are plenty of lonely good girls who will throw themselves at you.