In a Temporary Relationship

I'm dating a very successful businesswoman now - and it is a lot of fun. She is very funny and intelligent and works in the banking industry. She is three years older than I am and we seem to be a very compatible couple.

I earn a good salary and live well, but this woman is a millionaire and will be when she retires. I've never dated anyone this successful and she seems to have the inclination to want to take care of me. She is open to getting me a new car, replacing my wardrobe and buying me a motorcycle.

Ironically, all of this is happening at a time when my professional position is taking off very quickly. I'm doing very well and dating someone who is doing very well.

I think I'm going to get all I can and move on after a while. Why not? Right?


Anonymous said...

"She is open to getting me a new car, replacing my wardrobe and buying me a motorcycle."

Warning! Danger! Danger!

These are investments in a relationship that is expected to "go somewhere".

Let me tell you where this goes.

One day you are going to get that call. "WE NEED TO TALK." Foot stamping or crying added for drama effect. That is the time to run and run like hell.

But you don't run, you cave in to the drama, life as you know it is now over. That slow death march winding it's way to the wedding has begun.

You are starting to learn more about Tiffanys and IKEA than you ever dreamed you would. Your XBOX360 has been donated to charity to help save the children. Starting from thursday to late sunday night your honey do list keeps you away from anything you used to remotely enjoy as a single guy. Weekends and holidays will now be spent with her family and her freinds not yours.

She has you working full time on her agenda. Everything you do is for her, nothing or next to nothing is for you. Maybe you think things will get better after the wedding. The wedding that has already been planned out for you. You think maybe things will settle down.

WRONG. It only get's worse. The demands increase. The benefits never come back. Your stuck digging a hole that's only getting deeper. Your buddys warned you but she told you that they were only jealous.

Two years after the wedding all sex has stopped. Now she is pregnant but how can that be? She has been spending a lot of time with her pesonnel trainer while you have been killing yourself at the office. She blames you for not being around.

Ten years go by. You never could get that DNA test and the kid doesn't really look like you. The mail comes in and it's a letter from her attorney. She filed for a divorce, she has cleaned out your bank account and throwing your ass out on the street.

With no money and homeless you turn to your old buddy Cybro who tried to warn you all those years ago. That guy who your girlfriend and future wife kept you away from right from the start.

You show up on his doorstep and remember the life you once had was just like his. He listens to your story but he has heard it hundreds of times before.

He knows why he does not sign a marriage contract. You just had to go and learn it the hard way.

THE MASTER said...

I know, I know. I've been married so I see the danger.

However, I ain't getting married. I keep my most valuable things at my brother's house and keep my personal finances private.

Also, this woman cannot have children - medical reasons - which is a good thing.

I'm safe and taking extreme measures that the only thing will happen is me being a parasite.


Anonymous said...

Can't have children? Ok.

Oops! Honey you are never going to believe what happened. I'M PREGNAAAAAAANT squeeeeeeel.


Anonymous said...

You know what's crazy? She might be quite O.K., but she has to pay for a system that gave her all the advantages but eliminates her as a possible mate.
That one doesn't stand a chance. Either way, the game is rigged.
What an ingenious system feminism is. It feeds upon itself.

Anonymous said...

Take her for what she's worth and leave the cunt dumbfucked.

Why not? Women do it to men hourly...