Back for a last Romp

I hooked up with my latest girlfriend again. I had the urge for tequila and animal sex, so I called her up. We went to dinner, did the deed, and while sitting back afterwards, a friend called her up (a female friend) and told her how much Mike missed her and had been talking about her.

"So, is Mike in the picture again?"

"No, he isn't." She said nervously.

"He is. I'm not attacking you. I just want to never be with you again if you are getting back with this shit."

"Well, I was with him for a very long time and always expected to be with him."

"I guess then that him stealing from you, cheating on you and treating you horribly is okay?"

"I love him."

"I know." I said and got dressed.

I took off and got back to my computer in time for a latest email from a girl named Lisa I was hooking up with about a year and a half ago. It made me realize: most women settle for - and love complete jerks. They consider themselves lucky to find a nice guy, even just for a while. This makes a nice guy the perfect player. He comes, he fucks, he moves on. The jerk gets to marry the woman and take care of her. He cheats on her, hits her and humiliates her - but this is the only kind of man most women can possibly love. They cannot love a good man, but they can sure fuck his lights out.

Take the hint - never marry, just use women for sex. Very good women will find very good men, but for most of us, women ain't nothin but hos and tricks. Sad but true...

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