People Sometimes Ask Me....

Why is it that I don't have the stress levels of most people.

Well, I get along about 80% of the time with my business partners. The other 20% of the time, I just avoid them and get back to work.

I expect to get along with my girlfriend about 99% of the time - you know, like a traditional relationship where the woman is actively trying to please you, cooperate, and be a good helper and mate. You know, the kind of thing that NEVER happens anymore in Western society.

So, to keep stress levels low - or at least manageable in busy times, I delete girlfriends and focus on keeping business stress-free. Women will come and go, they just want attention from men; it can be abuse or neglect, love and kindness, or raw cruelty; any attention from a man will do - as long as someone is looking their way.

That is the secret, and the reason why I keep a close watch on women in my life. I don't care how hard they fall for me, I can leave within a weekend. I never let them keep things at my place, and cannot drop my life to focus on their drama. Don't let them do this to you.

Western men have forgotten how to look after themselves, so they take mountains of abuse and stress from women. The annoying part of one's life should be work, not home.


MarkyMark said...


I agree with you 100%; work, not women, is what should bust our balls. I cannot even stand to be around women anymore; they get on my freakin' nerves...


THE MASTER said...

I think most guys agree, and simply wish such a high percentage of women weren't so misguided these days.