Only Two Types

Guys, if you are wondering what women want, you don't have to wonder any more. Women like two types of men.  They don't like both types at the same time, usually preferring one type when they are young, and the second type when they are older.

The Obnoxious, Dishonest Jackass:  Women adore these men. These are the guys most men hate. They may or may not be high-status men, but they are arrogant and overly-confident. They see women only as something to ejaculate into, and care absolutely nothing for them as human beings. Women typically adore these men as "authentic" or "very masculine", and it takes them many years if not an entire lifetime to realize these aren't real men, just real assholes. Women go to elaborate lengths to claim they don't really like these guys; but of course - women are only saying "men are pigs", because they prefer the guys who treat them like shit.

The Weak, Controllable, Modern "Equality-Minded" Guy:  Women generally flock to these men once they have realized how unhappy the Obnoxious Dishonest Jackass has made them.  After having children and spending their youth on the jerks, they suddenly want a man who is kind, considerate, and loving to them.  Of course, they've already given what is best about them to the worst guys who care nothing for them.  How do they reward Mr. Nice Guy? - by controlling him!  The Weak, Controllable, Modern guy is so fucking nice that he'll do anything, put up with a complete loss of control, just for the remote chance of sex a few times a year.  

What to do?

If you enjoy relationships with women, don't commit!  Keep your relationships to the 90-day cycle. If you stop looking forward to sex, or she wants to convert you to a controllable type, it's time to leave. Remember, that most women dramatically understate the number of sex partners they've had. Most women still adore jerks, but they eventually change and want someone to control - a walking ATM, a household servant, someone to watch Lifetime Movies with. 

Even if you aren't naturally a jerk, if you want to really enjoy being with women, you have to remember NEVER to fully commit to a woman.  They'll only really love you if you are a complete shit, or a complete slave. The equality and partnership they always seem to say they want is a complete lie.  They want to dominate or be dominated.  Anything else is simply a standoff - it doesn't work in relationships between men and women. Either be absolutely in control, or be absolutely controlled.  


MarkyMark said...


You're 100% on target. Just look at Tommy Lee-drug user, wife beater, drunk, ugly, skinny, and all-round jerk; he got both Heather Locklear AND Pam Anderson in their prime! These are women who could have had ANY GUY ON EARTH, yet they took up with Tommy Lee!

Look at Dennis 'The Worm' Rodman; though he was a force on the court (won championships with the Pistons & Bulls), he was a train wreck off it. Even so, he got Madonna and Carmen Elektra while they were still desirable; these were two more women who could have HAD THEIR PICK OF MEN, yet they took up with a guy whose nickname was 'The Worm'. I could go on, but you get my point; chicks dig guys who treat 'em like crap-end of story.


Anonymous said...

Wow.... he hit this one on the head. I have dated my share of women and will continue to do so, never gave it much thought until reading this post, but this is absolutely true.

I am naturally dominate with women, but not overly so. Any time I catch myself and try to meet them half way.... all hell breaks loose. Yeah, relationships only work when one of the partners is the dominate one. Women claim they want equality in relationships, but they really are not capable of accepting it wholeheartedly. Subconsciously they view any man making an attempt at equality towards them as weak and will then proceed accordingly.

Stay dominate, stay in control. If she does not like it, tell her not to let the door hit her ass on the way out (after you had sex with her one last time of course).

Anonymous said...

This is why I want nothing to do with women, who after they wasted their youth and sowed their wild oats with the thugboys, would then approach me. After of course ignoring me or worse yet, being nasty and rude towards me. I never forgot how I was treated by women when I was young, and any 30 something woman with kids won't get a warm welcome from me. Women want thugs, psychos, criminals and junkies, not men who would do right by them even though they often don't deserve it. Frankly dying old and alone is infinitely preferable to being married to one of these train wrecks who would make my later years unbearable.