Never Forget What Women Prefer

I've met a lot of women in the dating world who simply aren't honest about what they prefer. I decided to do an informal research study. Here are the results:

1. Donna is 80 years old. For the last forty years she has been married to her second husband who was a notorious womanizer. He stopped cheating on her around age 60. He is awful, boorish, obnoxious and painfully annoying to be around. She loves him more than God.

2. Candy is 45. She is in an on-again, off-again relationship with a man who cheats on her at least twice a year. They always get back together and she makes endless excuses for him, but loves him unconditionally.

3. Renee is 29. She has a boyfriend who hits her and screams at her, but of course they always make up and then she gets all excited about the hot sex that happens afterward. Yeah, those bruises and police visits are really hot, aren't they? Sheesh.

Women prefer assholes, so don't disappoint them. They simply don't like decent guys and will break the hearts of dozens of good guys in order to find the one guy who will make them miserable. I've had women argue with me that only "unhealthy" women prefer the shitheads, but I've found it to be true that most women adore the creeps and take a pass on the nice guys.

It is interesting that this has it's advantages. I've always been a good-guy type, the type that women would have loved to have as a husband, say, back in 1950. I've found that I'm able to score with a lot of girls that just want a man to love them, and make them feel valuable and pretty. I go in, have a lot of fun sexually and let them treat me like a king, then I allow their Mr. Wonderful come back into their life and I leave. I get to be both the good guy and the player, and they have to go back to their jerk (which is really where they want to be).

Think I'm nuts? If you remember that women thrive on emotion, you'll realize that they need drama, pain and tears. They need the jerks and assholes. They don't want or need a good guy. But eventually, the pain is simply too much and they need the diversion of a good guy, if only to truly feel loved for a short time. That is the time to enjoy yourself and take advantage of the situation.

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