My Relationship

My time with the current girlfriend has been interesting. It's been six weeks and the sex is still great, but I already feel myself compelled to look around. She is painfully sweet and a good girl but I know she could do better than me. It is the kind of relationship that people dream of - but almost never find. She's sterile - tried to have children with the ex-husband, so we get to have unprotected sex all the time. She has money, so I could be a kept man, but I'm still keeping my options open.

At least I'm obeying my own rules: I'm only in a relationship when its all to my advantage.


Anonymous said...

Chicks are like drug dealers who give out their product for free to those they are trying hook.

I say you got 6 more weeks before the drama starts. Sometime after that the call will come in. WE NEED TO TALK!

Seen a lot of guys get hooked this way and came close myself a few times. The chicks either turned the heat up to fast or suddenly played to hard to get and in all cases they priced themselves way out of the market.

To all you nice guys out there who truly want to be a good husband and father your chances are nearly zero in the west. The way the laws are set up it gives chicks far to much power to abuse you. Just look around you. Don't do it.

Go to another country like Eastern Europe or Asia. The bare minimum you should do is take a trip and see how different females are in countries that are not set up around screwing over their men.

Don't get me wrong. Chicks are the same all over. So are men. To much power given to any one group is a bad thing for the other. Look at the way chicks are treated in Muslim countries for example. The husband can kill the wife without question. You read about it all the time.

My point is that females have way to much power in general and total power when you sign that marriage contract. That is why they push so hard for it. It completely benefits them with no risk to themselves. They know it and it’s why they try so hard to hook you.

Anonymous said...

After getting cleaned out in a divorce, fuck 'em and chuck 'em is going to be my motto for the rest of my life.