Are You Hiring Women?

I don't. I won't hire a woman unless she is over 40.

Younger women are amazing in their similarities. It's true what they say about a "herd" mentality. The vast majority of women who come into my office asking for work are very promiscuous, very stupid, and ready for an easy job with a high paycheck.

"Why aren't my sales numbers better?"

Well, dear... you have to ask for the sale. Identify the need, present the solution and then wrap up the close. If you have the answer to their problem, sell it to them and get a payment.

"But I already said I was with our company. Don't they just give me an order?"

No, Jennie, sales work isn't easy. You have to do a lot of convincing. People won't pay for things that sound good. They pay for things they want and need.

"Forget this shit. I quit."

Don't let the door hit your fat ass on the way out.

This conversation is very typical in my office. The women are wonderful princesses, eating up jobs that men could do easily. I have five guys working the phones who are strong employees who have been with the company a long time. The rest of the chairs have been filled over and over with women who are convinced they want a big paycheck, but want none of that stuff called "work".

Of course my office demands effort and results. I don't run a government office of pencil-pushers. If I did, the law would FORCE me to hire a bunch of whiny fat bitch women who would do the absolute bare minimum or less while always looking for a reason to file a grievance against me or my office. I know government employees and they say it is now women's work. The women are forcing the men out. Vast government agencies are now about 90% women because the women only hire women and force out the men. They don't do anything except shuffle papers and vent their emotions. If the general public knew how wasteful and pointless MOST government agencies were, there would be mass hangings.

Nobody intentionally wants to hurt the feelings of women, but they don't need economy-destroying and resource-wasting jobs which serve no purpose. Why do our governments have such swollen employee lists? Because we HAVE to hire women and they don't want to work, they just want a paycheck. So every morning and every evening our freeways and roads are clogged with single women going to their pointless jobs. More and more men are in fields where they have to earn money. More and more men are doing commissioned work, dangerous work and law enforcement or military service. Women have all the cushy jobs where a big paycheck is guaranteed just for sitting around and talking about Oprah Winfrey.

Don't hire women unless they are over 40 or 45 and religious. Those women will work. Most of the others are just going to be a headache. Believe me, I've been a business owner or manager for the last 15 years. Women are a liability.


Anonymous said...

As a former male state government employee, everything you say about women is true - and one of the reasons government is so inefficient today is because it is staffed mostly by females.

They habitually come late and leave early ... of course their myriad health problems are good for at least one week off a month ... and what's a workplace without a lot of self-created problems and drama? I'm glad I'm out.

Anonymous said...

I know a girl who recently returned to work from Mat leave. She is sick or taking her kid to the doctor at least once a week. Apparently doctor's appointments take up an entire day in today's world. But if she didn't keep up the act for long enough she wouldn't get the maternity benefits. She'll likely keep this gig up until she has another child...so she can get paid for another year for doing nothing.

MarkyMark said...


I am SO GLAD that I no longer have to work with women-so glad! Yeah, if I touch the wrong thing @ the wrong time, I could be seriously injured or killed, but it's a small price to pay to be away from the estrogen soaked environments many corporate jobs have become. I'm serious! I'd rather have a job that could hurt or kill me than work with women again. Walking on eggshells like you have to do with them these days is just TOO DAMN STRESSFUL. We do have women working in our company, but they are not in our department. I never knew how PEACEFUL, easy, and drama free work can be until I no longer worked with women.

The only way I'd work with women now is if that job were the ONLY way I could survive; then, I'd bite the bullet, since starvation and homelessness are worse than working with women. But, the moment I found something where I didn't have to work with women, I'd be GONE! I'd be eager to make that exit. Just to be free from the stress that arises when one walks on eggshells all the time is worth it to find a job away from women. Work with women? Never again if I can help it...


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, women have to eat too. So they must have a job or be on welfare. Or die in starvation... Or maybe they can start their own business, but I guess you'll say that their product can't be good enough to be sell in market.