"Personals" Advice

Recently, one of the major sites - either MSN or Yahoo did a story on their singles site about how rotten shits do so much better in the dating world than do "decent guys".

We were told....

"Girls, you know the bad boys are more fun! He's good looking and confident and great in bed! He doesn't call you, doesn't care if you drop dead after he ejaculates, but he's the best the world has to offer. He'll cheat on you, give you a sexually transmitted disease, and you'll most likely spend decades of your life sexually and emotionally serving these shits who give you nothing in return."

But, the good news for "decent guys" is that you losers will eventually win in the end. After these women have been permanently emotionally and physically damaged or even ruined by the worst kind of men, these women will be done with sex and romance. That's your chance! You'll win the prize and get the love of the women you've always wanted. Of course she'll be bitter, jaded, prone to herpes outbreaks, fat, 3 kids and lots of emotional baggage, but you won't have to wait anymore. The jerks will finally be done using her and you can have her!

Isn't that great?!? Good guys do win the "prize" in the end...

*** I see this kind of bullshit in more and more "singles" venues. The women who worship assholes really don't deserve any attention from decent, shy or gentle type guys they normally avoid. Why should good guys pick up the shit women after the shit guys are done with them? I've had many women literally throw themselves at me after a lifetime worshiping shitheads. I wish them good luck and move on. There are plenty of women for a decent guy. Just remember the basics:

NEVER date a woman who has EVER been promiscuous.
NEVER date a woman who has EVER dated a married man - even non-sexually.
NEVER date a woman who is big on the "really bad boys".
NEVER date a woman who loves to share her memories of the assholes she used to date.

That leaves only a few good women out there to date, but women don't deserve nice guys or decent guys, or shy guys, or nerdy guys. They deserve the shits they are attracted to - what the mass media tells them to love.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine who lives in an apartment told me his next door neighbor bangs her dog every other night. I guess after all the bad boys she's finally given up on the species and gone K9. I've watched recordings made by him and it confirms what he says. He has a shotgun mic on his camcorder and one night he got up, sat in a chair and gave a blow by blow account of it (i've tried to get him to sign up on youtube and post it but he doesn't want to) but the video is pretty raunchy. He says in the video, to the effect of this neighbor of mine has tried to pick up on me from time to time, but she's chunky, burned out looking and more than likely banged out real good. She's got a male dog in her apartment (which the apartment complex allows for pets) in the background you can hear her moaning from having sex but another tell tale sound is you hear the jingling of the tags on the dogs collar. (she has 4 or 5 vanity tags on the fucking mutts collar from what my friend had counted) This goes on at night for about 90 minutes every other night. Needless to say, after watching the video tape and reading this, I can say this much. If the decent guy doesn't get these gem of wymyns who fucked their lives away with morons, dogs will. Poor fido, hell poor any sap who ends up with one of these burn out mid 1970s model skank.

Anonymous said...

My own personal experience with women tell me, western women are fucked in the head. They take a piece of plastic, glass and metal as a gospel teller of relationship truths and wonder why in the end nobody is flattered to be a last resort for them. In my own view, they've got what they wanted so why the fuck do they think someone like me wants them now?

Anonymous said...

Wow I don't even know what to say about the above comment....that is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

March 31, 2008 11:23 AM,

When I was in my early 20s, a college friend of my brothers told me about a chick in california he knew. This chick had lots of friends, was popular and all. One day a group of her friends decided they wanted to have a suprise party for her. It was her birthday so they wanted to suprise her with a cake and all the trimmings in her lower floor of the house she had. While they were waiting for her, they had to keep her dog quiet when she arrived. Well, they planned to all jump out and go suprise happy birthday. But after a while she didn't come down to the lower floor. She was getting ready for her own little private rover party. She finally opened the door and called her dog. The dog bolted up the stairs and to her. So everyone decided to do the suprise happy birthday while she was at the top of the stairs.

Guess what? She was at the top of the stairs naked with peanut butter smeared onto her crotch with the dog licking it.

That was a sight the dude never forgot, at first I thought he was full of shit but fast forward to my friend and his neighbor in the other apartment. I don't discount this kind of story. Chicks are freaking whacked in the head.

On a side note, peanut butter crotched moved out of california after that, none of her friends that saw what she did talked to her anymore.

Anonymous said...

I wish you had the link to that article. That is some amazing arrogance to think decent men will marry worn out old sluts. The dogs can have them. I always wondered about all these chicks I see walking these big male dogs around where I live. Now I know.

MarkyMark said...


I've seen articles like this, and they all piss me off! Women want to have more traffic in their birth canals than the Lincoln Tunnel @ rush hour, then wonder why no good guys want to marry them after they're done slutting it up?! As Warner Wolfe would say, COME ON!!!

No, these women made their choices in their youthful years, and their hearts have not changed. They chose the bad boys over us; they didn't want us then, and they don't want us now. They're only giving us the time of day because the bad boys who excite them so no longer want THEM...


Anonymous said...

Want to try a little experiment? Buy a wedding band and wear it. Watch what the cunts do.