Ensure an Exit Strategy

Remember that women are very independent these days. Their hearts are yearning for love, safety and understanding, but their heads want independence. I've found the best sex partners to be the high-powered career chicks. They love having a good boyfriend - someone who is thoughtful and kind, and always ready to give them a good romp in bed. But still... they are so pathologically independent that they almost always end up blowing a good thing. They get too clingy, but still want you to keep a respectful distance. They want you to lead, but they get to make all the choices. It's impossible to please them, and they will always give you a way out.


Ava simply adored her ex-boyfriend, though he had married and moved on years ago. She still wrote to him, emailed him, and they kept in "friendly" contact though no sex was involved. After I enjoyed her for a few months, I asked her to put some emotional distance between her and her now married ex-boyfriend. She refused, so I broke things off. She tried over and over to get us back together, but I wouldn't have it. She simply wouldn't move on from the past, so I let her live in the past. I had a very good relationship with her, but it was time to move on. She is still hurting from the experience with me, but she still has her memories of the guy who came before. It all worked out.

Lisa was a prominent real estate exec in her town and we hit it off instantly. Great sex, great fun, restaurants, concerts, etc. She was so clingy I asked for some time off. She told me she loved me and wanted to live together. She has a huge house (5400 sq feet) and tons of money, so I asked if she wanted me to move in. Even though she lived alone, she said it would be a mistake, that she valued her independence. Fine, I said and broke things off. She cried for weeks and begged me to come back. I simply asked if she would reconsider having a life with me, living together - if not in her house, in a place together. She said no, that she could never give up her independence. I told her to enjoy that independence and I left her alone.

Lynne was probably the best match I've ever had in life. We had so much fun together, but she was very attached to an ex-boyfriend who was very abusive and frequently cheated on her. She never did say goodbye to this guy and remained "friends" with him during our relationship. I told her she needed to make a decision about him, but she didn't take me seriously. Eventually I discovered that she was keeping him as an option in case I didn't work out. I told her that if she was making backup plans in our relationship, it meant she really wanted him. I've recently learned they are back together but they are having problems because she keeps talking about how good things were with me.

You see, women are independent and attracted to the guys who are the worst possible choices. That's why women always say Men are Pigs. Men aren't pigs, but the men women choose are the biggest assholes out there. They they paint all men with that same perspective and decent men aren't interested in paying for the sins of jerks. Good men walk away. That's what you should do when dealing with these enlightened and independent women.


Anonymous said...

I have found, in my limited experience, that the women who have "made it" in a man's world, i.e., become the successful lawyer or corporate exec or whatever, are the ones that fairly scream I AM AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN and don't really NEED a man the loudest.

They are also the clingiest, neediest, most neurotic of the species. The kind any decent, normal man can only put up with for a few months. And when we leave, they say, All men are bastards.

We're not bastards, honey, we're just not going to put up with your bullshit anymore.

Anonymous said...

Women who play this game are destine to be the crazy simpsons cat lady. Let's not forget how these women treated young men in high school. They treated them like dirt while fucking the future whinos and bums of america thinking they had it great with a "hot guy" who could "kick your ass."

Yes, I remember high school even though it was 16 years ago. I also know that the bulk of the bum fuckers are all fat and ugly with 2 or more half bum children. Ahh the memories and boy the detonations where interesting to see. These dumb bitches cried that they didn't want any jerry springer moments at the 10 year reunion and that they where sorry to anyone that they where bitches to.

Tough fucking shit to them, they made their choices long ago to fuck bums and now they pay. And the biggest problem is, the current crop want to do the same thing thinking they'll be different. Classic insanity from cunts.

Anonymous said...

I'm not ashamed to admit I got 0 play in highschool cuz I was a "nice guy".

2 months after graduation, I was talking to a friend I hadn't seen since- and he related to me how the women were stupid. Literally, no exaggeration, half of them were pregnant as soon as highschool ended. Their lives are ruined.

My ex is another case. She treated all men like shit in highschool, cheated on her highschool romance weekly (and rubbed it in his face each time under the guise of "honesty" and "do you love me enough to forgive me?"), cheated on every husband, is demanding, critical, uses me for whatever they have to offer.

I gave her a light of guidance and saw her starting to change her ways. I thought I was making progress; until she started having crushes on other men. I told her "It stops or I'm gone." she started to rationalize, and I left.

Without my support, she was behind on housework, behind in school, behind in taking care of her kids, her power got shut off and she lived in the dark for 6 months- and eventually landed herself in jail for armed robbery, facing 4 years in prison.

When she gets out she will be nearly 40 and will find that the dating world will offer her nothing, that no man wants a 40 year old hag (she is not aging well in the face...) who gives them bullshit to deal with, and to top it off she'll be even more neurotic and insane from the isolation.

Oh yes. Sweet justice has been served.

I will now enjoy using women I deem acceptable for casual sex and cheap sports-fucking, who I will torment emotionally in acceptable "bad-boy" ways and then fling to the curb to rot in their "empowerment".

Thanks baby! You showed me the light. I showed you the door. :D