Scary Stuff

I just had an interesting conversation with a woman I dated very briefly. We stopped dating because she wanted to marry RIGHT NOW and I simply wasn't ready. I had a lot of personal issues and professional stuff going on and marriage wasn't right at that time.

She's going through a divorce now because her husband "didn't make enough money", so she is leaving him. To make things work for her, she swore out a false complaint of domestic violence. She was overjoyed to be able to take his car away from him, along with all their furniture. She's still fighting him for the house, but he has a good attorney in the family. Still, it looks like he's going to lose everything.

What I found interesting was that she was absolutely delighted that her friends were 100% supportive of her cruel behavior, yet her mother told her she was "doing wrong" and that her soon to be ex-husband was an ordinary decent guy who didn't deserve this horrible treatment. Only the very old realize that marriage and relationships are completely screwed up these days. Most women are thrilled with how badly they can treat men - and get away with it.


LordMacGregor said...

Imagine that you could be in the poor man's shoes right now, If you hadn't been wiser.

About the fact, that she enjoys harming his soon to be former husband, it's because she got drunk by her own power, or the power that western societies allow her.
Moreover, as far as psychology is concerned, she needs to enjoy what she is doing, because in her mind what she is doing is right. If not, she wouldn't be congruent, she will feel bad, and she might start thinking, her psyche really doesn't want that, she knows the result of such a thing, and what wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Anonymous said...

That guy would be your future. Most chicks are using the marriage and divorce industry in this way. They are getting away with it now only because there are still plenty of suckers willing to sign those marriage contracts. You were the next target.