Holiday Observations

I noticed over the past Thanksgiving week that something odd has happened. Men are having their own Thanksgivings and women and children are having another.

Brothers and friends are getting together for dinner and football.

Women, sisters and mothers are getting together for dinner and talking.

More and more families are fractured and broken. Women in the West are intolerable to live with and push men away. Western men are what women used to call "ideal husband material". I wonder why women decided to be men and ruin the special dynamic. I have some nephews who have never known a holiday when men and women are together and getting along. They simply shrug and say women are "jerks" who need to accept that men should be in control. When women are in control, everyone is unhappy. This is what really young people are saying!

Oh well, I guess most people like things the way they are as the problems are getting worse.

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