Short Term Relationship

I guess I was looking for trouble. I met what could only be described as a complete train wreck of a woman who was very good-looking, but in need of serious psychological work. We met, we went out for lunch, and then spent the last three days having what can only be described as crazy "monkey sex". We were at it non-stop for the longest time. I'm glad it's over and I know things shouldn't have happened, but we all need some insane fun now and then.

I think the end came when she said she really liked me, but if she happened to get pregnant, she would "kill it". I just about fell over. Kill it? What? Is she insane? I know lots of women are pro-choice or pro-abortion, but she was happy with the idea of killing a child.

I simply do not understand modern women. They are fun to play with, but not grown-up enough for a relationship.

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