Out of Commission

Sorry about no posts this week. I've had very good conversations with a lot of you - and a few very good comments. A lot of people write in to tell me who perfect women are, but I simply delete those comments. I've been busy this week with a new job which is consuming a lot of my time. I won't bore you with the details, but the job does give me a lot of free time and is exactly what I've been looking for.

I did have an interesting observation. At my workplace, there is an older woman of about 65 who does inside sales. She's "old world" all the way, very traditional and very serious about work. She earns about $120,000 doing inside sales. She works casual, but doesn't waste time.

Then we have a younger girl who doesn't do much of anything and seems to be hot and bothered for any guy who has good sales numbers. I'm single of course and hit the #1 spot on the sales board for this week. So, what do you think happened? I got post-it notes, phone messages and constant "conference requests" from this younger woman. She wanted me to close her sales for her, buy her lunch and maybe start taking her out. She simply didn't realize that I wasn't interested in her. She is attractive, but I generally avoid the overt gold-diggers.

Anyway, just more of the same. I'm off to get things done and run errands. It will be a busy Sunday; I'll have to avoid all the breast-cancer walks and ovarian cancer concerts going on this weekend. Thank God for the NFL. At least men have some interests to keep them going through the weekends.

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