Amazing Difference

Recently, I had been reorganizing my office. Out with the whining fat chicks and in with the professional guys. Now I have three new guys working the phones and sales are UP. Instead of the incessant chatter about guys, shopping, moods, cramps, etc., now I have guys who work and earn.

I know some women are good workers, but the majority are not. The majority of women are a car crash of emotions almost every day. They get hurt so easily. They become confused so easily. I know the government might come after me, but I'm going to avoid hiring them as much as humanly possible from now on. An office full of men is far easier to manage than a henhouse full of women.

Hire women, women are pleased. Hire men, the boss is pleased and the workers are happy.


Anonymous said...

The vast majority of women are shit in the anglosphere.

THE MASTER said...

If by "shit", you mean predatory and unwilling to commit to a serious relationship, you are probably right.

There are many women who pridefully talk about how they deny their husbands sex, never make coffee for him, spend all his money and then threaten him with divorce.

It's a sad state of affairs. Sadly, Islamic culture is growing because that culture respects the leadership role of men, whereas Christian, Jewish and Secular culture supports matriarchy and family decline.

Anonymous said...

I think you would be interested in seeing my illustrated essay on the subject (+ 2 others).





Anonymous said...

The Master, once islam does take over, these women and their mangina pushovers will be beheaded in short order in public.