Desperate? Marry that Loser!

Lori Gottlieb, writing in The Atlantic, advises old burnt-out feminists to marry less-than desirable mates - if they want husbands at all.

Oh, poor thing. She couldn't find a husband, so she went to a sperm bank and got pregnant. Now she finds that a husband would be such a good thing to have. My goodness, look at those dads playing ball with their kids and being happy.

...shame he doesn't have hair.

...shame he is a little chubby.

...oh, he doesn't earn more than me.

... I don't like that amount of body hair.

... he isn't as attractive as I deserve.

... I want someone who earns at least a quarter million per year.

... He needs to be very damn good looking.

... He must be a god in bed.

Did I miss anything? The poor aging feminist who is complaining that she has no choices. They yearn for a man to lead them, love them, and help them raise children. What do they get instead? They have each other. Old bitter feminists who enjoyed Alpha males and spent their love and sexual energy simply being entertainment for random men. At least prostitutes are honest and got something for all that sleeping around. Now all these old women have is each other. Men are still horrible, stupid pigs nobody could want, but Mother Nature is no fool.

Women ache for a man, but ordinary decent men will not compromise and marry them. Feminism pays some painful dividends. Solitude, bitterness and confusion. These women have great careers, big social circles, and everything is going great in their lives. Where then are the ideal, perfect, wealthy men? Put simply, they are avoiding the career chicks and looking for traditional women - or simply staying single and having a good time.

Sounds like a good plan for men.


Anonymous said...

Tough shit for american and western skanks. They never thought enough about the future to see this? NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I represent a rare type of Men's activist. I cannot emphasize enough that my struggle pertains to Traditional Inequality against men,,, Not just the problem of Feminazi's which we're constantly reminded of, by the media. Here's one such example of traditional inequality: we've always regarded our mothers as the absolute greatest persons in the whole world. And I consider this idea to be grossly unfair. That's just One example.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of girls who are hypocrites pointing out flaws in men, while failing to see flaws in themselves and work on those. Sometimes the flaws they point out on men are meaningless in the grand scheme of things. But women can only focus on the here and now, or the pretentious side of life.

You know what they'll point out about you will be something trivial..any girl that does this frequently is not worth more than 6 months of your time.