Women Change Over Time?

They love the shits when they are young, and sometimes longer. I've known women in their forties still working their way through the players, losers and married cheaters. They don't understand that what they want causes them pain. Decent guys who bring them pleasure are definitely what they don't want.

Still, as they age, they want the decent guy more and more. Lots of guys write to me and ask what they should do. Should they settle for women who have banged every shithead in town and then marry her? No way! Don't go doing that! Move in with her, use her place, her stuff, eat her cooking, use her sexually, but NEVER marry her. Women have decided that the worst kind of men are the best kind, so oblige them. Let them have their assholes.

But, if you find you need one temporarily, romance one and use her. She wants this. She wants to fall in love, have a good time, and then have you break her heart to pieces. One of the reasons women love jerks is that the breakup is easy. When they are hit, cheated on, lied to, etc., they find it pretty simple to say goodbye. But when the guy is decent, loving and caring, it hurts like hell to lose him. Still, this is the experience they are looking for. I've put two different women into counseling by breaking up with them once they had fallen completely in love with me. The reason? Because we both knew they preferred the cheater, the player, the married shithead out for a quick affair. They didn't really want a decent guy and never do.

Enjoy them for a time, but move on before you get bored. If you stay too long, she'll dump you for an asshole anyway. Just try and give her what she wants; a little shabby treatment and a ruthless breakup. She'll see you as a jerk, and that's what women really want.


Anonymous said...

Don't marry women from the anglosphere.

Anonymous said...


This is your typical woman in the anglosphere, this is the rule not the exception.

Anonymous said...

Well, women change over time, sure. But then again, milk will change from fresh to rancid and rotten over time as well, no matter how well treated or cared for.

Anonymous said...

American women went from the 1950s, 40's, etc. from being the most desired females on the planet to a bunch of borish pigs with vaginas. They're shit women now only good for fucking with vulcanized rubber condoms. Though, I honestly would stress jacking off would be safer than fucking these diseased pigs.