Where it Comes From

The Marketing of Evil by David Kupelian.

This is an interesting book which makes some solid points. Many people take all of their cues from popular culture, their values from Saturday Night Live. Women in particular are given to a herd mentality and struggle with being different from other women.

I see so many women reading Cosmopolitan or other "ladies" magazines. They believe what they see, emulate it, and then wonder why they are unhappy. They watch television and see it as reality. They read books about married women having affairs - and are convinced this is a good thing to do.

However, to belong, to be part of women's society, one has to be promiscuous, one must be cheapish; addicted to spending, wearing cosmetics, watching monumentally vapid television programming. One must be a "Cosmo-girl" to fit in. This ethic has destroyed countless women. I see so many of them late in life; the realization in their eyes that they've wasted their lives on a bunch of shit and dumb ideas.

When you give women unlimited freedom and legal authority over men, PLUS allow them to become wage slaves that exist only to buy consumer products of dubious purpose and worth, well.... you've pretty much destroyed these women. They are useless as wives, lovers, and completely foreign to motherhood. This is why many Western women reach mid-life with no children, no savings, and completely empty and used up.

It is a huge tragedy, but completely avoidable. Sad, really.


Anonymous said...

try telling one of these cunts that this is what will happen to them and they'll call you every name in the book. Remember, they're living the lifestyle of irreality. Reality does catch up with them but it is generally too late.

Anonymous said...

I hear older chicks say "I thought I would be retired by now" that is thier code for married. They want to quit thier jobs and sit at home so badly but it's to late. What man is going to come in when they are used up over 40 and set them up with permanent retirment? They don't get it until it's too late that they aren't worth it anymore. But like the other post said. Just trying telling one of these chicks what will happen.