Leaving Again

I am currently living with a woman who is wealthy, but who is very much hung up on her ex-boyfriend who is a cheating, dishonest, obnoxious shit of a man.

Oh well, life goes on.

I'm packing and leaving while she is on vacation. The best news is that three of her friends wanted to sleep with me, so I'll have another wealthy woman to shack up with. It is a very good thing not to have to pay bills, or pay for groceries or rent. I'm accumulating a lot of wealth while I live off of rich women.

When in Rome, I guess. Still, there is something horribly wrong when love and romance, family and commitment are simply foolish notions. Women's empowerment and bad decisions are paramount.

I wish I didn't live in a matriarchy.


MarkyMark said...


This is a great post! I tip my hat off to you for turning tables on the bitch brigade; instead of you keeping them, they're keeping YOU-yeah, Baby, yeah!

I also agree with you that something is FUBAR when love, relationships, marriage, and family are silly notions. Like you, I hate living in a matriarchy too. This is proof positive that the main thing we learn from history is that we DON'T learn from history. The Romans traveled down the same road we're on now, yet we're doing the exact same things they did...


Anonymous said...

Admit it, you're a master gigolo! Not that there's anything wrong with being a kept man. If women can earn money from their bodies as prostitutes and strippers, why shouldn't men do the same?

THE MASTER said...

Hardly a master at anything, just working with the economics of our social reality.

If you have LOTS of lonely and desperate, and HIGH EARNING women with no decent prospects for a husband or partner in life, you have a buyers market for women.

If I was a master gigolo, I'd have a millionaire woman paying all my bills and I'd spend my days riding motorcycles, scuba diving and simply enjoying myself.