Personal Revelation

I'd debated talking about this, but I think it matters.

About a year ago, I was in a relationship with a "good girl" type who really was good. She had good values, a very good body, but she was a bit hung up on the idea of finding a husband basically on income grounds.

She was so incredibly loving. She would touch my face and wake me up by kissing my tummy. We had incredible sex every day going on for what seemed like months at a time. I loved her like I never loved another woman. The chemistry was THERE. Very few relationships in life are like this. I felt a connection that was physical, spiritual, everything. She broke things off suddenly when I didn't propose on her timetable - and agree to have a child right away.

How did I react? I immediately got into two stupid and pointless sex relationships with two Jewish girls - my main weakness.

I'm over all that stupidity now, and in a casual relationship I've described a few times on this blog. If I stay, I'll have her pay all the bills while I get my life in order and my ownership stake in the corporation grows. Eventually, I can walk away from my current fuckbuddy and make any choices I want.

Which leads me back to Cherie.

I cannot seem to emotionally detach from her and it has been a very long time since we've seen each other. I know she is still single, and I'd love to have her in my life. I'm hoping I won't make a stupid decision, but sometimes the combination of love, sex, beauty and spirituality takes over from common sense.

I guess what I'm leading to is that we don't always have control. Some women break all the rules and make life a transcendental experience. I guess this means I'm not a misogynist, but maybe one of the lucky ones who can discern whether or not a woman is trash or a rare prize. I don't know - but I will keep everyone posted on how things go.


Uzem & Luzem said...

This post is why we have to be so careful about allowing ourselves to get emotionally attached to a girl before we know for sure that she's a keeper - which basically means never.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you were more connected than she was. The husband hunter types usually have a time limit of 6 months. If they don't get a proposal by then they are gone. Any chick can keep up a perfect act for that amount of time.

That's why your rule should be 2 years. Any chick that makes it that long is for real. I'm 42 and plenty of chicks had me fooled for 6 months but never lasted the 2 year mark.

Anonymous said...

It would be a sad life that hadn't experienced the wonderful partner. And regretted for years not staying with her. But whether you had or not, the sentiment isn't really due to her, it's software going off in you - software that Nature planted in your brain to make you want to do something that every other instinct in your body would rebel against.

If you make 40 without tying the knot, look up your old darling then. You'll be so relieved you cut and ran as a youngster you will believe God himself marked you for favour.