Interesting Observation

I've noticed a lot of women love to say "men are pigs!" and curse every man as a predator or liar, or God knows what else. However, the reason women think men are pigs - is simply because they are attracted to arrogance, obnoxiousness and vulgarity. Most women love the most base nature of men.

I've had multiple sexual relationships with women who say they are tired of a bad husband or a crappy boyfriend and want to move on. I treat them with respect, have a few months of good sex and then move on. They are always bewildered by the breakup, but I always remind them: you gave everything you have to give to men who care nothing for you. What do you give to me?

The look of shock on their faces is amazing. They never thought that giving everything to crappy guys would make them have no value to good men. No guy wants to marry a slut, or have a long-term emotional connection to a woman who prefers bar trash guys.

It's a shame really. So many women give themselves so willingly to the worst of men, then wonder why their lives are empty, filled with pain and disruption and disappointment. If you choose bad people in your life, you have to accept the consequences.

It's this reality in the West that leads insightful observers to admire the Islamic system. Women shouldn't have the right to choose predators, cheaters, liars and immoral fools as partners. However, given complete freedom, they always favor the most awful men.

Women are quick to point out that "good guys always win in the end". But which "good guys" want to be with a used up slut who has given all of her love and energies to dirtbags and bar trash? I'm glad I married a virgin and had a traditional experience. Most men marry girls who fucked lots of guys in high school and college. What kind of a prize is that? What kind of confidence can one have in a slut with no morals.

It isn't a good thing to realize, but many Western women are absolute trash. It really is a tragedy. Most men aren't angels either, but women seem to be running toward destruction much more quickly these days.

Oh well, people have to accept the consequences of their choices.


Anonymous said...

I have an idea, buy a wedding band, wear it and see how many skanks start chatting it up with you. See how many actually want to sleep with you as well. Report back your findings. :p

THE MASTER said...

I've done that. After my divorce a few years ago, I had a little more attention from women when I wore my wedding band.

Women feel they are having a "safe" relationship when they hook up with a married guy. And of course, they feel they are hurting another woman by taking her man away - at least temporarily.

I never messed around with those girls because I was pretty sure they were hitting lots of married guys.

Anonymous said...

And they say men are pigs. Women like that are the biggest pigs of them all and this seems all like projection on the part of these beasts. Not to mention they choose to sleep with pigs while young (i.e. early 20's and during their teens) they have no ear that is sympathetic with me. Hopefully more will join in on telling them to go buy a god damn vibrator.

MarkyMark said...

What more can I say than what's already been said? Sorry, but I do NOT want some used up, disease ridden slut who has more baggage than Samsonite! Yeah, just what I always wanted-to be someone's consolation prize! Not...

Anonymous said...

A slut is someone who fucks for nothing but what is a whore? A cunt who fucks for money. When does a woman become a whore? When she divorces you. Never marry a slut under any circumstances, not even a foriegn slut. Don't go overseas and marry a bargirl from asia, they're just as screwed up in the head as any other fucked and chucked multiple times western soon-to-be hags. It is that simple. Foriegn marriage do work four times out of five as opposed to 50% failure from marrying a western slut, this is what pisses off western sluts the most, they don't like the save for laters being bought up by young fertile family oriented asian women.