Fewer Western Women having Babies

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I find it interesting that many more people are staying single.  The idea that life should be work and drunken sex with strangers on the weekend has really taken hold. So much so that there is a movement for young women to get themselves sterilized. The story has come up in US and UK newspapers and women's magazines repeatedly. 

Why not have your tubes tied? Why have children? They are such an inconvenience.

Meanwhile, in reality...

The number of little Muhammads and Kadijas is growing exponentially. More and more mosques are popping up everywhere as Western women turn against their own men, betray our traditions, and feel equality is the doorway to hedonism and irresponsibility.  Bravo madame!


Chent said...

Western civilization has produced amazing products: the best litterature, philosophy, music and art in the whole world, the science as we know it and almost all its development, the technology and the inventions we cannot live without including the Internet.

But the time has arrived to turn off the light and shut the door. Such a pity that this magnificent culture has to die. Of course, everything dies, but Western civilization would have been able to flourish more centuries more, if this feminism virus have not infected it.

While our traditional religion, Christianity, is abandoned and mocked, we have other religion, Feminism. It's impossible to say anything against it in the media, since any dissent is silenced. This was the same when the ancient religion dominated our world. Attacks against Christianity cannot be made public.

But this new religion is against nature. Human nature is to reproduce and children are the future. Our Western civilization, who has always understood that, has taken an insane path, by denying human nature and not having children. The victory of Islam is not by their own merits but by the willing suicide of the Western.

Do you know the worse part? European people just don't care. They see the Islam taking over Europe but they are only worried about their personal pleasure.

When people don't care about the future of their civilization, don't have children and don't worry about their children and grandchildren, the civilization is in their last phases of decadence, it's time to turn off the light and shut the door. Forever.

Anonymous said...

Western civilization has also produced some horrific things, like feminism. Feminism has only begun to slightly engage the Muslim jihad. Western civilization is being brought to its knees by the blight of feminism and so to shall be the fate of the Islamic world. Just give it a little time (relative to the age of Western civilization). Another fifty to a hundred years, probably less.

THE MASTER said...

I'm wondering about the impact of feminism on Islam. Islam is absolutely intolerant of socialist ideals - including feminism. I'm certain it will do damage to Islamic society, but Islam tends to bite back.

It will be interesting to watch.

Chent said...

Western civilization is being brought to its knees by the blight of feminism and so to shall be the fate of the Islamic world. Just give it a little time (relative to the age of Western civilization). Another fifty to a hundred years, probably less.

Ha! Feminism is a byproduct of Western civilization, more specifically of the decadence of Western civilization, beginning with the end of XIX century. From this time, the idea that all tradition was worthless and that progress meant to reject the past and begin with a blank slate took hold. (Previously, the idea was to reform the past, preserving the good things and changing the bad things). This is why feminism rails against "patriarchy", "millenia of women oppression", "christianity" and so on and so forth. For feminism, Western civilization has been a big mistake.

So feminism is, at the same time, a result of Western civilization (it can't be conceived without the status that Christianity gave to the woman) and the most opposite thing to it (because it is against it and goes against the most cherished values of Western civilization, like family).

Feminism has succeed because Western civilization is decadent so we are able to reject all our past. But Islam is not decaying.

I live in an European country and Muslim immigrants are not being assimilated to our culture (and more immigrants are coming every day). They keep their values, their religion (they don't become atheist the way Christians do), their family structure, the status of women and so on and so forth.

As much as I despise Islam, it is the religion of future and Europe will eventually become Islamic, the same way a feminized decadent Roman Empire was conquered by Christianity, which was, back then, a patriarchal faith.

Civilizations which go against human nature (which is reproducing) cannot last. Since Roman religion started to weaken there were two or three hundred of decadent society plagued by hedonism. This was followed by two millenia of Christianity. Now we have some time of hedonism again followed by centuries of Islam. (Bernard Lewis, one of the greatest Western Islam scholars has claimed that, in a century, Europe will become Islamic by force of demography). Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

The days of western nations are numbered. When white western women are forced to wear burquas and live in arranged marriages, they will only have themselves to blame. Worse yet, non-Muslim men are often brutalized in every manner possible in Muslim countries as non-persons. With no hope, no future, they will be little more than cannon fodder. They will harbor intense hatred for western women who made this situation possible, and rightly so.