The Happy Guys

I went to a dinner party last night and heard a lot of interesting conversation.  One of the women at the table had found a new boyfriend she really liked.  The other women jumped in and went on and on about how this woman had been a real "ho" in the year before she met the boyfriend.  Lots of making out with strange guys in cars; four sexual relationships, etc.  

You could see the new boyfriend's face change ever so slightly. No guy likes hearing that his love interest is a whore, but he seemed to hide it very well.  On the way home, I realized I had heard this before.  Lots of single women are having a wonderful time screwing random men and the guys are happy with the result. They promise a long-term relationship, fuck the women for a few weeks, then move on to the next girl.  The women who are used like this come to enjoy the experience. They simply love the "falling in love and hot sex" part of the relationship. If the guy disappears, they move on to the next guy.

But what about that guy at the dinner party who seemed like an ordinary decent guy?  He probably thought his girlfriend was serious about him.  Watching the change in him after the girls talked about her sordid past was revealing. 

There are no good guys left because the good guys are either locked in sexless marriages, waiting long stretches between sexual encounters as singles, or they find themselves in relationships with trashy women who have hidden their past.  None of these are desirable situations. 

Women could fix this tomorrow by keeping their legs closed unless a long-term relationships is involved.  Will that happen?  Hardly.  The only alternative is for men to use women as free whores and move on before things get too serious.  You can be happy, or the women can be happy. There's no way for both parties to be happy these days. You may as well look out for yourself. 


Anonymous said...

I am a good guy. But as the saying goes- only a fool buys the cow when the milk is free.

I consider all women trashy until proven otherwise. I have gone out with many women in my lifetime thus far and have not been proven otherwise yet. Most of these women were college "educated". Many of these women were "religious". I went out of my way to find a nice girl. In hind site, I think the chances of finding a unicorn are better than that of finding a nice girl in this age of sluts gone wild.

So I adapted and am now content with a revolving door of sluts. But I control that door and can close or lock it at will. The only difference between me and a married gent is that he saw fit to pay with his life for what I understand is free.

I place a higher value on my dignity than most men I guess. Yeah.... sloppy seconds (and thirds, fourths , fiths, etc) I fail to understand how any man can value this against his life.

Your little dinner scenario..... I will never be that guy. No woman is worth that level of demeaning. The humiliation the average pussy whipped American male is able to withstand never ceases to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

The endless stream of humiliation women heap upon men is one reason why I don't bother with them. Trash talking, butch dyke, crew cut, hard drinking, chain smoking, drug imbibing, cum dumpster, head case, tattoo covered Ameriwhores are not worth my time and effort. They are good for one thing and one thing only, and even that is losing it's appeal for me. I prefer to be left alone and in peace! If against the odds I do meet a worthwhile woman, I would give her a chance, but so far I've yet to meet one.