Over for the West?

There is a cultural perspective in the Western world that frowns on families and children. This seems absurd to say, but there are a great many more single in the West who are not married; have never been married - and have no interest in having children. 

I run a small organization in which only two of us are parents. The other 24 employees are childless; some are married, most are single and bouncing from one "relationship" to the next. When the topic of children comes up, as in; Are you planning on having any children?  The answer is invariably Oh, God no!

So many feel they are independent, progressive, better-educated, etc. Of course one would be a complete idiot to commit to a relationship and have children. I'm too selfish, they say. One in particular, a very attractive woman of about 35 talks at length about her oh-so-traditional parents who have a very happy marriage.  One can see the contempt and sarcasm she directs toward them. Is it really such a horrible thing to be happy?

I think it's already been said that too many Western women have given up. They aren't taught to be wives or companions, but rather Sex & The City trash. By age 35, most have had affairs with married men, had multiple sex partners, experimented with lesbianism, etc.  Even in their 40s and 50s, they are still focused on luxury living and seeking out the next thrill. Marriage isn't worth the effort because all men are pigs; all men are the same, so if all men are pigs, you better become one if you expect to have sex in your lifetime. 

No society on earth can continue with so many people living solitary and decadent lives. Of course, the end comes much more quickly when a population simply doesn't care - and virtue is the highest vice.  It's a shame really.


Chent said...

Agreed 100%. The matriarchal culture in the West is declining. According to the latest statistical projections, by 2042, patriarchal Latino people will be a majority in the United States. Europe will be Islamic at the end of the century. Patriarchal people have more children (higher childbirth rates) than Western people so they will eventually replace us. Children are the future and the future is not Western.

You can't build a society who goes against human nature. Society will be replaced by other, saner ones.

Anonymous said...

Sad but true.

It remains to be seen if Europe will maintain order long enough for an orderly handover to the Muslims ... there are far-right elements who would rather burn their own cities than convert.

THE MASTER said...

I sense that the Europeans (UK included) will convert or leave. There won't be any Christian holdout communities such as the Chaldeans or the Copts in Egypt.

Secular people deny their spiritual nature and are much easier converts to the militant faiths such as Islam. When it comes to "convert or die", most Europeans will convert.

Chent said...

It's easier than that. Most Europeans won't convert or leave. Most European will DIE. As simple as that.

Since Muslim people have more children than us, every generation has a higher percentage of Muslims so it's only question of time for them to be the majority, as Bernad Lewis proved with statistical data.

Once they are the majority, they will rule the European minority. Islam has a very effective way to deal with non-Muslim minorities. It don't kill them (this will produce a backlash and people will embrace their beliefs). It only taxes them and treats them as second-class citizens (dhimmi) so they end up converting and disappearing. This process takes generations.

This process has been applied in any Muslim country that has been a former non-Muslim country. The result is always the same: a population who is 90%+ Muslim.

Anonymous said...

To be a dhimmi is to be less than a second class citizen, it is to be less than nothing. Worse yet, dhimmis have no rights under the law, they can be robbed, raped, killed, falsely imprisoned and if they fight back they will be killed.