Our New President?

Barack Obama seems to be on his way to a historic landslide victory over John McCain. This is very bad news for the markets, for real estate values, for tax reasons, for social reasons, etc.  

But who would support this man?  An unreconstructed liberal socialist with no interest in free enterprise or capitalism?  There are a lot of people who need to feel someone is taking care of them. Most of these people are women and effeminate men.  

There are two political parties in America, the Daddy (GOP) Party and the Mommy (Dems) Party. Obama is a Mommy candidate in the Mommy party.  McCain is also a Mommy type, wanting government to solve problems, but he's an old grouch - part of the Daddy party. America didn't buy into feminism and equality for thirty years just to abandon it after 9/11.  No, there is a very real 55% of the electorate that wants security and care instead of opportunity. There are many who want to be ruled by university professors instead of business leaders.  It's now all Democrats all the time.  It will be this way for many years. 

When you destroy the American family, men become useless. Women become directionless and unhappy. Eventually, the comfort of an all-controlling government becomes very attractive, and people flock to leftist candidates. Women feel safe with councils, committees, agencies that police lives, policies that control any behavior. 

The fun, opportunity, good times of America are coming to an end. The racial hucksters and radical feminists are about to take over; and this isn't a temporary thing!  All three branches of our government are basically going to become arms of left-wing special interest groups. 

America is taking a disastrous turn it may not recover from.


Anonymous said...

You consider recent years "good times?"

THE MASTER said...

There are a lot of downright stupid people who think George Bush is 100% evil and any Democrat is Jesus Christ.

I don't buy it. Bush is far from perfect, but every president is going to have to deal with Muslim terror for the forseeable future.

One doesn't fix America by jacking up the tax rates and growing government into an all-controlling nanny state. That is exactly what your beloved Obama is going to do.

Bush was bad, and McCain isn't great, but both are FAR preferable to Obama. You are probably too young to remember the Carter years with high taxes, no growth and a national misery index. That is what Obama wants to bring back.

Of course you are free to support Obama. Just be ready to feel like a complete idiot in about six months.

Disaster is on the way.

Anonymous said...

"The fun, opportunity, good times of America are coming to an end."

The illusion of middle class wealth over the last decade was just that... an illusion of prosperity built on unrealistic debt. Which has come crashing down.

Voting this election is just a matter of bad versus worse. I dislike Obama, but I despise McCain.

I am a bachelor for life, by choice, I have no future genetic lines to worry about. I believe deliberately bringing children into this overpopulated world of dwindling resources is nothing but a selfish act of narcissism.

Time for all the parents out there to start showing a little concern for the future I think.