The Impact of Sex & The City

More and more women are "living the dream". I know a woman named Valerie from work who sleeps with married men probably twice a week. I mean she actively searches for married men who are searching for an affair. In the past, she never would have done this, but after watching several seasons of the program Sex & The City, she is actively sleeping with married men.

She is very excited about her sex life and meets strange and dangerous people, but she says her life is more fun now - and she didn't even mind catching herpes from one of these losers.

I guess I was born at the wrong time. I really prefer a more traditional society. I know this woman isn't representative of most women, but there are a lot more trashy women these days.

Simply amazing.


Anonymous said...

She should join sluts anonymous.

ChicagoMan said...

many women are sheep. They will follow whatever the mainstream media tells them.

I know alot of women like this. Then they cry about why their lives are so messed up, cry me a river.