Are Men Wizing Up?

I think it is true that a lot of men are finally taking action. I have a sales staff of six guys; five white, one black - and not one of them is married or plans to marry. They all have girlfriends at one time or another. One guy is really not very decent to women and specializes in one-nighters. Still, they all know someone close to them who has been destroyed through divorce.

One of my older associates has two daughters he never sees. He lives in Texas and his children live in Pennsylvania with their mother and stepfather. He is in poor health and cannot travel, so he simply doesn't see his children very often. He doesn't keep photos of them at work and doesn't talk about them very often. You see, when you are very close to your children and they are suddenly ripped away, it is more painful than death. It really can be.

When I was young, women never considered doing such things to their men. Now, they feel they "own" the children and don't give a passing thought to picking up children and moving them halfway across the country. Think it doesn't happen very often? Think again.

I've noticed lately that women still don't get it. Many women over 35 are starting; that's starting, to realize that a lifetime of abusing men or engaging in random casual sex is really a bad thing - and not good for the mind, body or spirit. Of course, men urged women not to embrace casual sex and foolish ideas, but there were enough jerks out there to use and discard women.

Many women are finding out that they have nobody late in life. When they most need to be loved and appreciated, the guys who in past years would have made ideal husbands are getting on with life without women. They still mess around with women now and then - but purely for recreation. You see, men might enjoy banging the ho's, but they sure the hell don't want to marry one. So, if you have lots of women who spent from age 15-40 sleeping around, the odds are very good that her skanky ass will be alone for the last half of her life.

If you don't want tradition - and you want to be free and easy with lots of guys, you don't get a prince charming, you don't get a decent guy. Men are aware that women are all simply playing them now. Even the sweetest, most romantic girl can turn into a manipulating divorce machine after a few years. It's a good thing that more men are 100% against marriage. The truth about women should be taught in schools.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing. I am a Eternal Bachelor exile and I am looking for a blog which gives the daily fix of insights about male/female relationship in our feminist world.

In this blog I found what I was looking for. It's a pity it's not more well-known

Keep up with the good job.

Anonymous said...

"Even the sweetest, most romantic girl can turn into a manipulating divorce machine after a few years."

Even more true when it comes to foreign chicks. Once they realize the legal power that they have it's over. They are worse than American chicks.

The bottom line is you can't be married in the US at all.

MarkyMark said...


Ka-ka-kaboom! You NAILED it! If you don't mind, I might post this on my blog. This is GOOD STUFF! You perfectly sum up what many of us, myself included, think about women, dating, marriage, etc.

What really pisses me off is the sanctimonious 'how dare you infringe on my rights' women spout whenever you say you don't want some used up, banged out slut for a wife; though you may have phrased it diplomatically, they catch your drift, and they don't like it when point out what they are.

What they don't get is that we're not infringing on their rights; we never told them that they didn't have a right to slut it up during their fertile years. No, what women forgot is that, contrary to popular opinion, men are human beings, and WE have rights too, damn it!

We have the right to decide whether or not a woman's earlier choices were good ones. We have the right to decide if they'll help or harm her. We have the right to decide whether or not her youthful choices would make her good wife material. We have the right to decide whether or not she'd make a good mother as a result of her earlier choices in life. We men have many rights, the most important of which is we have the right to REJECT her because she is a used up, banged out slut, and we will EXERCISE our rights-just as she exercised hers when she was young, hot, and desirable. If women don't like that, then they can stop slutting it up when they're younger. Like you pointed out, if she wants Prince Charming, she first has to be a PRINCESS-duh! Too bad most of these stupid bitches never figure that one out. Oh well, it doesn't matter to me; I'm not going to marry some AW bitch anyway, since life is so much better as a MGHOW...