My Job, Money and Women

My job is an interesting mix of doing things online and dropping into a sales office now and then. I was somewhat disorganized for a while, but now I'm earning some serious money. Let me tell you when I got my new car, the attention from women was amazing.

Before I was earning a lot, I wasn't even regarded as a human being. When I dropped into the office, the girls would look disinterested or not even say hello. Once my income jumped and I started wearing my Cartier watch and driving a new car, suddenly they always smiled. I also noticed at the grocery store or just out in public - women look at me as if they are getting aroused. It doesn't happen when I'm wearing a sweat shirt and tennis shoes, but often I'm out in a nice set of clothes with a nice watch on. When they see the car I'm getting out of, the looks are always positive.

Are women this shallow? Is money the only thing that matters? I think so. A very honest woman once told me that money is 95% of the equation. Humor, looks, values - none of that matters. Money is everything.


Anonymous said...

No, women are even shallower than you think.

MarkyMark said...


I think you answered your own question...