Maria was a recent adventure for me. Very sexual and too much a party-girl, she completely validated everything I feel about modern women. She reminded me of too many other women. They are very dismissive, talk easily about past lovers, say they are going to be independent whether they marry or not...

Of course, I have a very nice car and she DID notice that. Of course, her old boyfriend is still "kinda sorta" in the picture - as is always true of lots of women - and I could never take his place. Not that I wanted to take his place, just use his girlfriend for a short time.

Again, and as usual, I wanted to play with her mind. I mentioned that I was in the market for a condo in downtown Austin - one that overlooked the river and some of the more interesting buildings. Suddenly, I was getting calls and emails right and left.

Did someone smell success? Did her eggs start jumping up and down? Yes they did. That's why I decided not to see her anymore. It really takes a very stupid woman to reveal how shallow and greedy she is - before marriage. After marriage, all women are ONLY concerned with money. A woman will leave a 20 year marriage if she feels her husband cannot provide for her.

It was fun with Maria, but she's just another ho... time to move on.

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MarkyMark said...


I've noticed the same thing with women; they're WAY too open with their contempt for men and their feelings for us. Why do they do this? I think it's for the same reasons why white people would say ANYTHING & EVERYTHING around their black servants generations ago: they saw them as subhuman, so what they heard and saw didn't matter. I think that women have the same thought process, so they're not at all hesitant about SHARING their thoughts & feelings with us. For me, it's really as simple as that...