Oh, the Blogosphere!

I've taken a ton of abuse from people over the last few days...

I never said I spoke for the Mens Rights Movement or the MGTOW movement. I do think there are a few jackasses pretending to be 007 Style secret agents or heads of industries. If some guys are pretending to be millionaire playboys, I feel I have the right to call them out on it.

I have noticed something about the anti-feminism movement. It is never going to get off the ground. Too many people feel there is an "orthodoxy" to the movement and everyone who is associated with anti-feminism has to agree with the standard talking points.

Don't be confused, I don't agree with the tenets of feminism and it has done enormous damage to women and families, but it is now part of the accepted popular culture - and most people don't even realize how much of it they buy into. Let me explain...

How many people think their daughters should be ready to marry young and stay at home? Not many. People with daughters want their girls to have all the advantages and choices that modern women have.

How many people think that we should return to a less permissive society when it comes to sexual matters? Not many. I would love to meet a non-slutty girl and settle down, but I'm not about to stay celibate for life just because most women sleep around.

When we are raised in a society which is far from ideal, we have to cope and adapt. If I do enter into relationships, I make it clear that I'm not interested in a marriage - mainly because the legal deck is stacked against me. When I date religious women, I let them know that I won't forget about sex just because their values suddenly changed at age 35. "Oh, I fucked a hundred guys but now I found Jesus, so I'll never sleep with you - and if we get married, sex is only for having children!" No thanks to that.

I'm not interested in restricting people's choices, but I am interested in coping. If women want to live out the story lines in the program Sex and The City, then I say let them! If they want to get together for wine and sex and then get back to screwing married men from work, I can't change their behavior. If they want to rule society, government and our churches, I'm sure as hell not going to cooperate with that.

What's wrong with being an individual, or being part of the Ghost Nation? Our society will never return to tradition. Even the most conservative people have confused roles and sordid lives. I'm pretty conservative by comparison, but I won't refuse to enjoy life just because most people are living very wrong.

Clear? Probably not, but it's my perspective.

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