Blast from the Past

My goodness! I just got an email from someone who found this blog - someone I used to date. I hadn't thought about her in a very long time. She read some of my blog entries and thinks I have problems. I'm supposed to accept that women make the decisions in life now- and men need to accept reality and go along with it.

I disagree with that, obviously, but there is no talking to some women. I was raised thinking that I would get married and be the leader of my own home and family. Lots of guys were raised that way. Now, having a family and spending all the money you need to spend is getting almost impossible. I know families who are barely scraping by; the wives watch television and get excited over the rich men and their independent wives spending money like crazy. Lifetime Channel is the worst. This girl who wrote to me used to watch it. There was a movie about a software engineer who was very rich who married some waitress and made all her dreams come true.

Right. Yeah, that will happen.

Too many women think that every other woman has a rich husband and that they "missed out".

I asked this girl who emailed me if she was dating anyone.

No. Not anyone right now. She is divorced, though.

He didn't earn enough money. She has a kid, but grandma raises the kid. Great....

Don't forget, women are independent and strong. They don't need men. They are happy without men and love going to sleep alone every night - sometimes after their bar pick-up fucks them and then leaves.

I have to admit there are some women who are hopelessly traditional despite their foolish behavior. I've had three women call me up and ask to go out on a date - all in the last year. Men simply aren't after them once they get past the age of 35. They still think they look good, but something crashes in a woman's self-concept when men aren't coming onto them anymore. It's especially hard on women who slept around a bit. When the men stop hitting on them, they realize all they ever had to offer was sex, nothing else.

The smart women are the ones who look for men who will see them as special. It's really too bad women think so little of themselves that they will sleep with anyone who buys them a drink.


Anonymous said...

About the Movie

Janine decides to come out of the closet when she falls for Sandy. The couple seem to have a perfect romance and even decide that one of them should be inseminated so they could have a child together.

So what makes a family? According to lifetime channel two women and a girl.

Anonymous said...

"I'm supposed to accept that women make the decisions in life now- and men need to accept reality and go along with it."

That is the mistake women make in their thinking.

Women can make choices, but that men accept them or not is totally independent of what these women think.

You slut around, that is your rightful choice, I dont accept it, now, THAT is my rightful choice.

I am not going to invest time / money / feelings / energy to obtain just the promise to get your sex, when your vagina was on free distribution a few months ago.

Bang. Bang. Bye.