My Favorite Coworker

I work with this woman now and then who is about my age. She is single and after a lifetime of slutty behavior, she's suddenly gotten all fussy about sex. She says she is going to hold off on sex until she is married to her ideal man. Of course, she is over 35 and not many guys are going to marry an old whore, but who knows?

Anyway, I was sending off some FedExs when I realized she and her friends were chatting in the office. I got near the door and heard them talking divorce strategy. So, this woman is planning to marry so she can get as much of her "ideal" man's money and assets as possible. Keep in mind that this is a woman who supposedly has reformed herself both personally and sexually.

Well, I find out that she has been sleeping with our local married insurance agent named TJ. Wonderful. So she's still a slut and she is still plotting to destroy a decent man and take his money.

I see this with so many women. They now see men as disposable. If this is universally true - which is what I am seeing, then it is important to keep this in mind when dating.

Always wear condoms or get yourself fixed. Don't have children with Western women as they will never be satisfied with you and will take great pleasure in separating you from your children and stealing your assets and income.

Sound like a bitter divorced man talking? No, not at all. I've seen so many women being happy predators and literally destroying men. I've known one guy personally who killed himself after a pointless divorce (because his wife was "bored").

Things are different now. Feminism isn't the problem. Women are the problem. Until they change, treat them like the opportunistic devils they very often are.


Anonymous said...

Once a slut always a slut. You can see it in their eyes. I call it the thousand cock stare. They have that mean look of a rattlesnake. It does not matter what they say it's that look that they can't hide.

Take the ultimate slut for example. Madonna. Look at her pictures. You can see that mean tough look that so many chicks have now.

MarkyMark said...


It was seeing enough stuff like this that turned ME off to women-especially when they saw NOTHING wrong with what they were doing! Helllloooooo?! Ladies, you ever hear about something called morals? Ever hear about this little fella, Right, whose close friend is Wrong? Guess not...