"Mirror of the Soul"

Check out "Mirror of the Soul" which is a blogger by a guy who thinks he is James Bond 007. He talks about how women "blew it" with feminism and their progressive attitudes, but then he goes on obsessively about how he can live without them.

He talks about how he runs several major corporations and lives simultaneously in three different countries. Amazing! I thought I was doing alright just working and making six figures. This guy is a god! Of course this guy is a single nerd with few friends and little to do in life except talk about how wonderful he is. Usually these types of guys are the ones who have no significant intimacy in their lives beyond the special closeness they have with their mothers. I bet he's an only child as well.

See this blog and witness the reason why feminism and other assorted stupid leftist ideas are so popular. Jerks like this guy keep the myth of male stupidity alive.

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MarkyMark said...


I'm sorry you don't like Mirror of the Soul, but it's your right to dislike what he offers up. There are some bloggers who I don't care for, either, but Mirror of the Soul isn't one of them.

I never got the impression that he runs several major corporations; if I recall correctly, he said that he runs his own business, though he's vague about what that is. Given the nature of what he says, I can't blame him. Women have the pussy pass, whereas we have no equivalent; the moment we say something a bitch doesn't like, we're history-end of story.

Does he think he's James Bond? I don't think so; I got the impression that he simply EMULATES those facets of Bond's character that work for him, and he has fun with doing that. Some of his posts have that theme, and I enjoy them; they make me laugh!

I could go on, but it's not my intent to get into a pissing contest with you or anyone else-especially when we're on the same side, more or less. You don't care for Mirror of the Soul? That's too bad, but that's your right. I like him, as is my right; I tried to rationally discuss a couple of points you made, and I'll leave it at that...

I like and enjoy him. He has a unique way of looking at things, and a unique way of putting things. He makes me laugh, and he makes me think. He has some good things to say. For me, those are sufficient reasons to like, read, and enjoy his blog. Have a good night, and I'll continue reading your blog, since it's so good...