Always Wear a Condom

Unless you are absolutely certain the girl is sterile and clean of diseases. Why do this? Heres' a horror story:

Jim is a corporate wage slave in middle America. He works his ass off for a department of women managers that always try and take credit for his work. He is married to a woman who decided she hated sex immediately after marriage, so he is frustrated and unhappy.

Jim meets Debbie, a very sweet girl about his age, but somewhat depressed. They work together on a project and find themselves at her place one day to pick up a file. One thing leads to another and they have sex all afternoon - without a condom. They don't use a condom because Debbie swears to God and her mother's grave that she is on the pill and cannot get pregnant.

Nine months later, Dylan is born. Jim is now divorced and paying child support for his child from his first marriage and for young Dylan. He loves his children, but hates the women in his life. He found out Debbie didn't care anything for him, just wanted to trap some poor fool into giving her a child.

This is why you wear a condom. If you aren't having anally receptive sex with IV drug users, you don't really need to worry about AIDS. You do have to worry about herpes and other nasty bugs, but the nastiest bug of all is 18 years of child support payments backed up by the force of the law.

Wear a condom. Wear a condom. Always, always, always wear a condom. Never have kids in the West. It is too damned expensive and you'll most likely end up divorced and separated from your kids.

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