The Inferno has a good point


This blogger has a very good point in his latest post. It seems that for now, the war against stupidity in male/female relationships is being won by the women. In other words, feminism is still reigning supreme.

The old bloggers are fading out. Rafael is gone, Captain Zarmband has quit. Duncan Idaho is off to a new country with no news. It seems the more observant guys are off to live life the MGTOW direction. Not that I can blame them, but this is an interesting time to watch the world change. Lots of men do "get it" and know that things are hopelessly knackered between the sexes. I cannot imagine marrying in this time, but there are ways to live a very happy life without a woman as a constant companion.

Interestingly enough, women have an interesting take on the withdrawal of men from traditional society. Just as men left the civics clubs and churches, they are now withdrawing from anything that is dominated by women. Historically, this happened in the old Soviet Union and that culture almost died off completely. If you let women run the show, it will be run on emotion, safety and conformity. Most men will emotionally and spiritually starve to death. Physically, one has to use women now and then for sanity reasons, but for none other. How are the women reacting? Sometimes with anger, sometimes with pity.

Men are losers now. You see, now that men have moved out of organizations which don't value them, women are saying that men are slacking off. Men aren't motivated. Men are losers.

I guess women had to have some sort of reaction when men started turning away. Perhaps it is time to stop noticing the problem - and simply ignore women. It's a thought, I suppose.

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