The Single Guy Who Thinks He has it Figured Out

There are some bloggers on the internet who never married or have never had a meaningful relationship. Sometimes you'll hear them talk "Oh, yeah, well I'm 35 now and I haven't had sex since I was 28."

Of course they go on and on about how they are so much better off than us ordinary mortals who have sex whenever we feel like it. There is nothing to be proud of by staying celibate. You can have a lot of fun with girls, but you don't need to marry them. Remember, all women sleep around these days - there are very few exceptions. What you need to do is remember that the secret is not to be the one holding the bag when the game ends.

I know several guys who married girls who were lifelong sluts. What is their situation now? They are stuck in marriages to fat bitches who have stopped having sex. You see, if you meet a girl who fucks energetically and fucks a lot of guys, you have to realize that this is what she does.

She doesn't give herself to one man. She isn't waiting for one man to settle down with. She is out there to ride dicks and have a good time. You may get attached to a girl who is a slut. I've had regrets about leaving slutty sex partners because they were so much fun, but you MUST move on. You cannot continue to try and turn her into something she is not.

I know it's not pleasant to hear, but you have to face reality. Some girls are sluts, some are only out to get a guy so she doesn't have to work. Very few girls want to be wives and life partners. Many of them want you to believe they want a life partner, but you will usually end up married to a girl who cheats, eats too much, or simply uses you for your income.

Don't be a "single god" who smokes cigars and pretends to run multinational corporations in several countries. The saddest thing on the Internet these days is a guy who does a blog called Mirror Of the Soul. 99% of it is nonsense. He writes about places he's never been and talks about how he causally uses women. He is the laugh-riot of the MRA community. Some of the writing is good, but the ideas are taken from other sources. What a clown.

Don't be a clown. Enjoy women for who and what they are. Don't think you have to be a celibate fool talking trash about all women and most men. You'll end up alone and miserable; no friends or family and no action from women.

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MarkyMark said...


If you wish to enjoy women, that's your right. Conversely, those of us who choose otherwise have the right to do so as well. Those who are celibate have, after weighing all the pros & cons of women, sex, and relationships, simply found the cost/benefit ratio to be one they didn't like. It's not the SEX that's the issue; it's all the BULLSHIT that comes with it that bothers me! I'm talking about the drama, the mind games, the MIND FUCKS, all that that you get when you boink a woman. For me, life is better when I JUST SAY NO to sex and women.

That said, I can understand why certain men approach women & relationships as you do. I used to be adamantly against players, but I no longer am. Even though there are many reasons I choose not to pursue the player lifestyle, I can understand why some guys would. I think Khankrumthebulgar summed it up best: guys engage in PUA simply as a COPING MECHANISM in our fucked up, matriarchal culture and its polluted women. After I read that, I softened up on players quite a bit. They can do what they want, and I'll respect their rights to make those choices; all I ask is that they respect my right to simply be part of Ghost Nation, and have as little to do with women as possible. Those are my thoughts...