Taking Opportunities

Today, women expect to work and not have someone look after them. You will have to remember this in your dating/hookup life. There are still a lot of women who are looking for Prince Charming to pay all the bills and let them stay home.

The bad part about being a Captain Save-a-Ho is that you will enjoy it at first, but being 100% responsible for another person is a BAD thing. She will quickly realize that having a child will keep her at home where she can watch television all day and eat pretty much all day as well. You don't want that.

Now, getting back to working women. I did have a scam that worked really well with women for a while. During the times I was growing and selling marijuana a few years back, I would often take jobs house-sitting for people when they went out of town. It was easy work and I would set up shop and work online at their homes. Usually the homes were the $300,000 to million dollar types. I'd have delicatessens deliver food, packages dropped off, etc.

One day in Vista, California, I had some motorcycle gear shipped to a house I was staying in. It was a nice place and the FedEx girl was a really attractive and athletic blonde. I was the last stop on her route for the day. We talked, she liked "my" house and I got her to come back that evening for dinner.

Before she came back, I hid all the stuff that would easily give the place away as someone elses. All the magazines disappeared - all the new mail. I stashed those and had some wine open and an old romantic movie on when she arrived. I told her owning such a nice home was fantastic but lonely. She was so sympathetic, but I also knew she was a golddigger. We fucked all night. It was so romantic. I was everything she wanted in a man; easy-going, friendly and up for paying for everything. She was everything I wanted; beautiful, ready to fuck me all night and just a really sweet girl. It was an added plus that she was very clean with perfect teeth.

If I hadn't had my new Arai helmet dropped off at that house, I never would have slept with her. I think her name was Allison, but I did get really trashed that night. I remember she had really great tits, and a little tattoo of a butterfly right below her bellybutton. I saw her only one more time, we went to a movie theatre and started making out; then back to her place for about a half hour of sex. I had already finished my housesitting by that point, so I told her I'd call her and just moved on.

You have to take these opportunities when they come up. No woman really wants to be tied to one man. They really just want someone to pay their bills. Remember, its' all about having your money; controlling the way it is spent and keeping you under control. You aren't there for sex after it becomes an official "relationship", you are simply there to pay bills and fix things around the house.

Women: Use, then discard.

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