I've found if you live in a town with an abundance of women, they will all flock to the bad boy types. In a general population, about 35% of the single guys are banging just about all the single women. I know this sounds insane, but it is true.

Don't forget that all women (with very few exceptions) are hypergamous; which means they are only interested in bedding men that are superior to them. This means: he has more money than she does. If you can create an image of wealth or easy money, you can score very easily with women.

The men who learn this early on are very successful screwing around. Of course confidence goes a long way, but money is the main motivator for women. A new shirt and a nice car will take you most of the way. Your confidence and bullshitting skills will close the deal. Sweeten the whole process with a little alcohol and you are guaranteed to score.

Now, I'd always known women were generally attracted to wealth. When I was married and the dot-com boom was going on, I was making money and getting great sex at home and with random girls when I was on the road. It was great, but mostly just recreational. Eventually, you want something more. Unfortunately, my ex was more of the psycho hose-beast type so life with her was just physical release, not much more.

I started craving a more emotional relationship. I wanted to fall in love with women, have unbelievable sex, then back away when the freshness of the experience started to fade. This is what I found:

If you can keep a long conversation going with a few women on the internet at the same time, you can slowly convince them that you care about them as a person. You can slowly introduce flirtations and sweet compliments - playing her heart like a harp; beautiful things but respectfully keeping distance.

Over time, this causes a woman to fall in love with you very deeply. When you finally meet, and then decide to have sex, it is so powerful that it is like sex times ten. It is an amazing emotional and physical connection. Now I know some of you are saying things like "Wait a minute! That's real love! You shouldn't play with people like that!"

To an extent, that is a correct sentiment, however, men have to realize that women aren't interested in a man after a certain point. After 2-3 years in a relationship, women get just as bored as men. They fall out of love with most men they are linked with. Of course, there are exceptions; I once dated a girl who was completely head over heels in love with her ex-boyfriends who had dumped her 4 years before I met her. Four years! She still wistfully spoke of him as though he was the greatest man who ever graced the planet with his feet.

So, sometimes love (or psychosis) lasts a long time, but most of the time it only goes a few years. That is why the divorce rate is so high.

Gotta run. More observations later.

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