Single Woman, Lives Alone

I've met more and more women who own their own homes. Good for them, right? Of course, it's a good thing when women have their own jobs, their own homes and a good circle of friends. But why is it good for us?

It's very good for us because she is lonely. Very often she has no children and has devoted all of her younger years to working a soul-destroying career. Oh yes, she has lots of nice things and so many activities to keep herself happy. She's a modern girl living in a material world. What could she want from a man?

Well, she does like to get a good rodgering now and then. She needs sex -in fact much more sex as she ages. That's where you come in. The single homeowning woman in an upscale area is one of the best prospects for a long-term or short-term sexual relationships. I've dated about 15 different women who fit this perspective and they are fantastic for sex and a short-term fling. You see, they really love their lives, so you aren't going to marry her and move in, but she is hurting inside for love, romance and sex. Women need it more than they think.

Your job is to find these women, go out for Tex-Mex and make sure they have a couple of tequila drinks. Then back to her place for really hot sex. If she allows you into her bed, make it a spectacular night. Let her know who "daddy" is. When you grow tired of her, move on to a new woman. Remember, the largest demographic of new home buyers is couples followed closely by single women. That means there are a lot of emotionally starving women who need to be serviced.

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