Women, Motorcycles and Insanity

Who could write this crap? Is this the way it is supposed to be?

I'm continually floored by the women I meet. Many of them - I'd say about 60% - are actually living the Sex & The City experience. More women are sleeping around with married men; more are simply getting tired of waiting for a baby and just get pregnant as quickly as they can by the first guy who will do them.

Try a dating service. Do it for the educational experience. The women are old divorcees with lots of sex partners or they are younger with 1-3 kids and not much money. Most of them are looking for a bad boy. Many of them are searching for trouble. In fact, on, the #1 search term for women seeking men is "motorcycle". These sad old tarts are looking for a romantic, wild, adventurous guy. Good luck with that.

I'm 40 and I've found that when I mess around with women ages 27 to 35 or 36, I can get an erection easily and have very satisfying sex. When I date women over 40, it doesn't matter whether she is attractive or not, I have a much more difficult time getting aroused. It helps to be drunk.

What are women looking for? The truth is that they don't know. They thrive on burning emotional energy and engaging others in that process. The aren't logical and don't do well with independence.

What are you going to do, eh? Just don't every marry one.

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