Foreign Women?

Lots of guys in the MRA and MGTOW movements have remarked that foreign women are far superior to the women in the West. This is true to a large degree. However, you have to remember that our culture is the poison that turns women into golddigging hose-beasts.

You marry a girl in Thailand and bring her back here; you will have maybe two years of a very good marriage. Then she will really master American English and start to relate to the daytime talk shows and other nonsense. She will get all of her advice about men from Dr. Phil and Ellen Degeneres.

Oprah will tell her that she is a goddess and religious and cultural leaders will persistently bash men. None of this bullshit exists in her native culture. When she gets to America and has her mind poisoned, she will be just like any other American skank. She's think it's great fun to have loads of sex with different guys. She will think marriage means no more sex. She won't do anything around the house; no cooking, no cleaning.

I've seen it happen before. I know a guy who brought a lovely Russian girl to his home in Colorado. She turned from a charming religious girl into a monster in about six months. Television, pop culture and other American women destroyed what she was.

Just be careful and remember the best policy to use with women: Use & discard.

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