Your Online Guide to Dealing with Women

I'm 40 years old, a confirmed bachelor who has had most of the typical experiences men have with women. I enjoy women, I think the body design was brilliant (kudos to God), but I think the brains of women are so overcharged with emotion that they cannot function without strict moral and social codes to keep them in check.

Unfortunately, we live in a time when there are few checks on women and they are out of control. Women are much more promiscuous, much more masculine, much more infected with social diseases and downright difficult to enjoy.

Many people have claimed that women were always the way they are today. Bullshit! If that were true, most women through history would have spent most of their lives whoring around, then finding a chump to marry at age 39 so they could whelp one "designer" child before getting absurdly fat.

No, women these days are creatures of a new social model; one that works quite well for single men but not too well for women. I'll be expanding on these themes throughout this blog as well as giving practical advice for dealing with women and enjoying them physically with the least difficulty and expense possible.


The Master

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