My Business

I'm in the fitness business these days, and let me tell you, the women are easier after establishing a "personal trainer" relationship than they are after drinking tequila slammers.

Very often I'm helping a woman workout with weights or helping her adjust to a yoga pose, and she'll turn around and say "my husband never touches me as gently as you do", or "you make me feel so special".

Of course I do, you dumbass! I'm here to get $100 from you for a one-hour workout session. Are you insane? Don't fuck the help, you are married to have sex.

Sheesh! Well, not that I am completely averse to the attention. I love it when women are coming on to me. It's nice to know that a little close contact in a workout situation can get a woman wet from only my touch. I've only taken advantage of one woman so far. She was a little stubby Jewish thing with really great tits. Things were great with her until she suddenly stopped paying for the workout sessions. I guess she thought the sex made up for it. Not hardly.

Anyway, I'll post more on my personal experiences through my biz as time goes by.

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